Are you looking to learn about a secure investment option such as Real Estate?

You can learn from actual real estate investors with plenty of experience in the South Florida market.

Do you want to make your offer look stronger?

Chris Kennedy, managing partner at Mayfair Property Management and Mayfair Real Estate shows eight things that you can do as an investor to increase your chances of getting an offer accepted on your next piece of real estate even in this super competitive sellers’ market in South Florida; and across most of the United States

Are you new to Real Estate? Avoid these HUGE mistakes!

If you’ve just entered into the Real Estate industry, you know it is a business that has almost unlimited potential. You can do extraordinarily well. And if you work at it, you can be very, very successful.

However, there are huge mistakes new agents normally make and Chris Kennedy is here to share his experience with you so that you can avoid these mistakes.

Stop affecting your profit and pay attention to these details

Did you know there are items that eat into your profit on apartment buildings, multi-family investments, that a lot of investors overlook when they’re underwriting deals?

On this video, Chris Kennedy, managing partner at Mayfair Real Estate will give a detailed explanation about the three main areas overlooked by investors.

Return on equity – Part 1

On this first video, our managing partner, Chris Kennedy will show you about a measure of investment performance that a lot of investors completely overlook, or just do not put enough importance on. And that is called return on equity.

Return on equity – Part 2

On this second part, Chris will give you a lot of very important information if maybe you own a couple of properties and you’re looking to grow your portfolio, get into a bigger property, more units. So, this is how things could be seen on the big picture level using return of equity.

Is it always the best option to renovate and raise rents?

On this video, you will be able to identify the reasons why it’s not always the smart investment to put your money into a building that you own and crank up the rents.