Buyers or Sellers market? How to spot the difference

The real estate market, unlike some other investment assets, acts in cycles. While the stock market has been notably unpredictable, the real estate market has historically been a bit more formulaic — it switches between sellers and buyers markets.

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Are people moving to Florida?

Millions of people across the country have been forced to reconsider the size of their homes, their finances, and their well-being. The US Census Bureau states 3.4% of the workforce was working remotely before 2020. According to the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR), a whopping 42% of the labor force in the US is now working from home.

How to Be a Go To Buyer in Any Market

What’s up everyone, Chris Kennedy here, again with another video. And in today’s video, what I’m going to talk to you about is how to become a go-to buyer in your market. So, as we all know, we’re dealing with a super strong sellers market right now, here it is 2021, tons of cash in the market, especially here in South Florida, but all over the United States, the market is kind of crazy. It’s hard to find the deals, when you do find them, it’s hard to get your offers accepted.

Fort Lauderdale Duplexes Turnaround Project – UPDATE

What’s up, everyone? Here we are at our duplex project. If you want to check out the first video in the series, you can take a look up here at the link. But here we are outside, we just got our first vacant unit here. The property was fully occupied when we took over and here we have our first vacancy. So we’re going to walk inside, take a look at it, check it out, and walk you through the plan.

Top 5 things that Increase Repair Costs

Chris Kennedy here with Mayfair Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to make a realistic estimate for the repairs and maintenance line item on your proformas or your income statement before you purchase a multi-family property here in the Fort Lauderdale or South Florida market. So stay tuned.

Having a Vision Makes a Difference!

Chris Kennedy here with Mayfair Real Estate and Mayfair Property Management.
Have you ever felt you or your business drifting without knowing where to go next?
In this video, I’m going to share with you a little bit of a breakthrough that I’ve had in the past couple of months and it comes from a couple of things that happened. Join us on this video!

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You NEED To Consider This Before Picking a Property Manager

There are several different types of investors in private real estate, ranging from commercial investors to accidental investors. Commercial real estate investors purchase thousands of units all over the country, whereas accidental owners initially purchased property to occupy but ended up moving for work/family.

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Huge Mistakes New Agents Make

If you’ve just entered into the Real Estate industry, you know it is a business that has almost unlimited potential. You can do extraordinarily well. And if you work at it, you can be very, very successful.

However, there are huge mistakes new agents normally make and Chris Kennedy is here to share his experience with you so that you can avoid these mistakes.

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3 Areas That Investors Overlook

Hey, what’s up, folks? Chris Kennedy here with Mayfair Real Estate and Mayfair Property Management located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In this video, what I’m going to do is show you three line items that are commonly overlooked by investors when they are comparing deals.

Types of AC

All right. So here we are in this one bedroom apartment and as you can tell, I am sweating because we’ve no power and no air conditioning. So let’s talk about air conditioning. Because we’ve got a one bedroom apartment, we’ve got a few options when it comes to upgrading the air conditioning or replacing it. Really, there are three options for air conditioning in any property, but first is what we’ve got here, wall unit air conditioning, probably the least desirable from the point of view of the resident at the property, but it can have some benefits for the owner of the property.