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Buyers or Sellers market? How to spot the difference

The real estate market, unlike some other investment assets, acts in cycles. While the stock market has been notably unpredictable, the real estate market has historically been a bit more formulaic — it switches between sellers and buyers markets.
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Are people moving to Florida?

Millions of people across the country have been forced to reconsider the size of their homes, their finances, and their well-being. The US Census Bureau states 3.4% of the workforce was working remotely before 2020. According to the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR), a whopping 42% of the labor force in the US is now working from home.
buying and selling multifamily

Tips For Buying and Selling Multi-Family Properties in Fort Lauderdale

Buying and selling multi-family properties is considerably more complex than dealing with single-family homes. And that’s mostly because, typically, it involves a lot more people – the many tenants in the multi-family property. Add to that the financing and ROI challenges, and you can see that investing in multi-family properties is no small undertaking. To … Continued

Victoria Park Project – Final

What's up everyone? So I'm excited to show you this project in Victoria Park, this one bedroom apartment. We've just completed it. It's already on the market. We're already getting showings, but here's the final installment of the video series showing the project. We're just going to show you a bunch of before and after shots, walk you through the project.

7 Agent Tips for Investment Buyers in Fort Lauderdale

Real estate investing can make you a bunch of money, as many millionaires can attest. And while it has more risk than, say, investing in stocks, there’s also the potential for a much greater return on your investment – if you know what you are doing. Right now, though, prices are going up in many … Continued
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