Meet Our Agents: Alex Tiburzi

Alex Tiburzi is a South Florida native who started his career in real estate in 2017. He initially started a land investing business that bought and sold vacant land all over Florida. In his first year as an investor, he was able to use some of the savings he had from school to buy and flip over $50k in land. 

In 2019 he decided he wanted to take his career to the next level; multifamily real estate. He started that transition from the ground up, as a leasing agent at Mayfair. Since then, he’s worked his way up to leasing manager and is now responsible for the leasing of over 500 units all over South Florida. His background in real estate gave him the ability to excel in the position. He enjoyed being able to start with leasing, as rental income is the backbone of multifamily investment. It gave him a unique perspective on the rental market of South Florida. He is also currently a co-host of the MF Millions podcast. A podcast that welcomes entrepreneurs and real estate professionals from all over the country.

Alex is a part of the Mayfair Real Estate team. In his first year as an agent, closed over $3 million dollars in transaction volume. One of the main reasons he’s enjoyed working in the space is that everyday presents new challenges and opportunities. He has a long term goal of helping as many people as possible in building their real estate portfolio, as well as his own. In his freetime, Alex enjoys reading, eating out, and spending time outdoors. He’s also written a number of articles about real estate that you can find on our website.

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