Top 5 things that Increase Repair Costs

Chris Kennedy here with Mayfair Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And in this video, I’m going to show you how to make a realistic estimate for the repairs and maintenance line item on your proformas or your income statement before you purchase a multi-family property here in the Fort Lauderdale or South Florida market. So stay tuned.

Having a Vision Makes a Difference!

Chris Kennedy here with Mayfair Real Estate and Mayfair Property Management.
Have you ever felt you or your business drifting without knowing where to go next?
In this video, I’m going to share with you a little bit of a breakthrough that I’ve had in the past couple of months and it comes from a couple of things that happened. Join us on this video!

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Huge Mistakes New Agents Make

If you’ve just entered into the Real Estate industry, you know it is a business that has almost unlimited potential. You can do extraordinarily well. And if you work at it, you can be very, very successful.

However, there are huge mistakes new agents normally make and Chris Kennedy is here to share his experience with you so that you can avoid these mistakes.

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3 Areas That Investors Overlook

Hey, what’s up, folks? Chris Kennedy here with Mayfair Real Estate and Mayfair Property Management located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In this video, what I’m going to do is show you three line items that are commonly overlooked by investors when they are comparing deals.

Types of AC

All right. So here we are in this one bedroom apartment and as you can tell, I am sweating because we’ve no power and no air conditioning. So let’s talk about air conditioning. Because we’ve got a one bedroom apartment, we’ve got a few options when it comes to upgrading the air conditioning or replacing it. Really, there are three options for air conditioning in any property, but first is what we’ve got here, wall unit air conditioning, probably the least desirable from the point of view of the resident at the property, but it can have some benefits for the owner of the property.

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Best Exterior Upgrades to Increase Revenue

If you own or are thinking about investing in a multi-family apartment building, this is the right video for you! Chris Kennedy with Mayfair Real Estate and Mayfair Property Management in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will show you some of the best exterior upgrades (cost-effective ways) you can make to your property to help you to increase your top-line revenue as soon as possible.

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Fort Lauderdale Duplexes Turnaround Project

Chris Kennedy with Mayfair Real Estate in Fort Lauderdale, Florida will show you a deal we took down recently. It is a property in pretty rough shape, but with a lot of potential. It will help you to have an idea about the type of deals you might get in order to get a very reliable source of income.

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4 Ways to Maximize the Sale Price

Chris Kennedy here with Mayfair Real Estate–I’m going to walk you through some things that you can do to ensure a successful sale once you’ve decided that you’re going to sell a property as well as tactics you can use to make sure that when you do decide to sell that property, you’re getting the maximum value for it and you’re ensuring that whoever is telling you they’re going to purchase that property id actually going to close and maximize the chances that that offer will close.