Things You Need To Know About Electric Panels

Things you NEED to know about Electric Panels
There is some information you can get just by looking at an electric panel. Obviously, you’ll see all of the circuits that run throughout an apartment. This one is not complete yet.
Each circuit has its own breaker; and on the breaker, it’ll have the current that that breaker will withstand. In other words, if the current going through that breaker exceeds, in this case 20 amps, the breaker is going to trip and shut off that circuit. That’s a safety precaution, obviously, so that the house doesn’t catch on fire. If the electrical circuit gets overheated, it’s going to shut off.
Something we did in this apartment is we’ve added two additional circuits here for the AC systems. If you remember from a previous video, we talked about the different options we had here. I’m going to walk you through what we’re doing in the AC because we actually made a change to the plan, and it’s a little different from any of the options that we discussed previously.
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