Fort Lauderdale Duplexes Turnaround Project – UPDATE

Fort Lauderdale Duplexes UPDATE

What’s up, everyone? Here we are at our duplex project. If you want to check out the first video in the series, you can take a look up here at the link. But here we are outside, we just got our first vacant unit here. The property was fully occupied when we took over and here we have our first vacancy. So we’re going to walk inside, take a look at it, check it out, and walk you through the plan.All right. So we just got inside here and you can’t tell this from the video, but this place stinks. It’s absolutely gross, people left it in a wreck, left a lot of furniture here, we had to get it cleaned out.

This apartment itself is a pretty good size, it’s actually three bedrooms, two bathrooms. And what we’re going to do to add value is actually split it up into a two bedroom, one bathroom and an efficiency apartment. So we’ll take a walk through here, show you how it looks now and show you what we’re going to do.All right. So I’m going to walk you through. Right here at the front door, you can see we got a pretty good layout, good size anyway. Back here is the kitchen, and what happened in this apartment, these people were here when we took over management of the property and we’re not keeping the property well and ended up abandoning the unit. So this may look like there was an eviction here, there actually wasn’t.

People were here, they just abandoned the place, let us know last minute. So we’ve got an older kitchen, but despite it looking filthy and kind of gross right now, the kitchen cabinet boxes are actually in pretty good shape. So what were going to do is just take off the doors, keep the boxes to keep the costs down, we’ll put in some new countertops.All right. So walking around here, you’re going to see what makes this project really cool. So this is a front door behind me that we just came in. Over here is actually what would be considered the master bathroom. We got a full bedroom with an en suite bathroom here and a closet. Also, if you come in, you’re going to see another exterior door. So what made this project cool is that we have two exterior doors, so this is set up perfectly. All we’re going to do is close up this door going into the main living space and convert this to an efficiency apartments. We’ll obviously renovate this whole thing, put in new floors, a new bathroom, and we’re going to put in a walk-in shower, all that good stuff.

This is going to look like a brand new apartment in just a couple of weeks.So back into the main house, this is going to be then a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment. We got the two bedrooms right here, nasty carpet here, we’re going to tear that out, and we’re going to put new floors in the bedrooms. This tile can be saved and cleaned up. And then taking a look at the bathroom here, this has obviously been lived in a long time and not maintained very well. This whole bathroom is pretty nasty. A lot of broken tile, we’re just gutting this and redoing it. Again, we’ll put a walk-in shower here and we’ll let you know how it goes.

Christopher Kennedy

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